Matchstick Puzzle

Happy Go Lucky

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How would you rearrange matchsticks to transform a star into ten triangles? Can you change the direction the matchstick chicken is looking from left to right? An how can you correct mathematical equations when you are only allowed to move one matchstick? These playing cards offer a wide choice of 50 tricky puzzles. Different geometric shapes, mathematical equations, wordplay and trick questions require logical thinking and imagination. Some puzzles are amazingly easy, others more difficult and at times rather deceiving. The solutions show the matches that have been moved coloured in grey. These puzzles challenge your intelligence - for bright sparks and fiery imaginations! This game contains fake matches (non-flammable) - so the brain-teasing fun can start straight away. The strength of your imagination and your powers of deduction. You won't be in the dark for long - the light will soon go on! Have fun and fire up your imagination!