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Spin it, twist it, shake it, find it! How many of the hidden treasures can you find in this fabulous tube of delights? The Find It Game is a ‘Contained Adventure’, a family-friendly treasure hunt in a clear, green-capped, indestructible tube. The Original Edition of Find It is a fantastic, fun game that will keep all ages entertained whilst engaging minds and encouraging concentration. Find It is an ideal game to play individually or with friends and there will be plenty of shaking and twisting of the tube as they search to find all the little treasures hidden amongst the nature-inspired coloured pellets. Find It Original Edition also comes with 27 double sided playing cards to provide even more game play options which are perfect for two of more players. To play Side One Game, the players take it in turns to turn over the card and take on the challenge. These include ‘Find a pointy item’, ‘Find two items of the same materials at the same time’ and ‘Find a wooden item’ but players must find a new item each time so it becomes more challenging as the game progresses! On the other side of the cards is a different type of challenge. With all the cards laid out, side two upwards, the player then chooses an item in the tube for example a jingle bell and has just 10 seconds to match up to three description cards to their item such as ‘Find something round’, ‘Find something hard’ and ‘Find something that makes a noise’. The player then keeps all their correctly matched cards and the next player takes their turn, the player with the most cards wins the game! The fun is endless with Find It Original Edition, a quick, fun, challenge-based game for all the family. The game is ideal for one or more players, age 5 years and over.