Doggie Doo

Happy Go Lucky

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Takkie Kakkie is always hungry! But what happens now? Bah! He poops on the sidewalk! Dogs naturally do not belong on there, so poop should be cleaned up.

Aim of the game:
Collect the dog's feces in your shovel. The first player to three pieces on his or her shovel is the winner.

Game play:
Put the dog in the middle of the table. Each player gets a shovel. The youngest player starts the game by rolling the dice. The symbols on the dice indicate what you should do. This mostly indicates how many times you can push the handle on the dog's leash. Each time you push it the poop gets closer to the end, when it drops out you get it and one point. When you have three points, you win the game. Other symbols on the dice tell you that you can't do anything on this turn or that you can switch shovels with another player.

Doggy Doo