Scrabble Cards

Happy Go Lucky

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A new way to play with words! SCRABBLE® Cards offers three different games in one deluxe package.
Play Classic, Forfeit, or try new SCRABBLE® Rummy for a new twist on an old favourite.

136 cards
Card tray
Rules for all 3 games

SCRABBLE Cards Classic
Make the best word you can from the cards you are dealt. Double and Triple Word cards add to your score, as all players race to hold the highest total.

SCRABBLE Cards Forfeit
Now you each have an Action Card which you can play at any time; either to increase your score... or take points away from another player.

SCRABBLE Cards Rummy
Gives you a different word target in each of ten rounds. Make the best words you can to fit, but be quick or you'll miss out on the points.