Marathon X

Happy Go Lucky

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Aim of the Game: Finish the marathon in the highest position & avoid not finishing.

Objectives: Keep moving forward with the green dice. There are challenges along the marathon that will mean that all athletes will compete against each other to avoid set backs. The red dice will push you backwards because that athlete was unable to keep up with the pace. Do not lose any challenges.

Challenges: (2 to 12 players) The game has mainly four challenges that will test athletes abilities to react, listen, think, focus and answer better that their opponents.

Reaction Challenge: If an athlete lands on either the headphone or the water bottle icons then all athletes must react by touching either the ear (headphone) or the mouth (water bottle). The athlete that reacts last will receive the red dice penalty.

Card Challenges: Landing on either a camera (general knowledge) or stopwatch (letters) will mean that athletes must keep giving answers to the topic without repeating, running out of time or answering incorrectly. ​

Memory Challenge: Landing on the heart will mean that athletes must build a list by adding one word to the end only after repeating the words previous list of words said in correct format. The athlete that fails to repeat the words correctly will receive the red dice.

Head to Head Battle: This challenge will consist of two athletes battling in a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' for the furthest position between the two.