Luvabella Newborn, Blonde Hair, Interactive Baby Doll

Happy Go Lucky

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EXPRESSIVE FACE AND MOVEMENTS: With beautiful natural expressions, a dynamic moving mouth and sweet new-born sounds, Luvabella Newborn is truly lifelike! She can express if she’s hungry, fussy, happy or gassy, just like a real baby!
INTERACTIVE ACCESSORIES: Care for Luvabella Newborn with her bottle and soother. She’ll suckle on them like a real baby, responding with adorable sounds! It’s a real new-born experience as you love, feed, burp and play with your very own Luvabella!
REALISTIC BREATHING TUMMY: Rock soft and snuggly Luvabella Newborn to sleep in your arms, and she’ll doze off. When she’s sleeping, her tummy really rises and falls — gently place your hands on her tummy to feel her breathing and listen for her heartbeat!